Your Life in Grace

Your life in grace is the life of a cripple on an escalator: as far as being able to walk upstairs is concerned, you are simply dead; there is nothing for you to do. But then you don’t need to do anything, because the divine Floorwalker has kindly put you on the eternally moving staircase of Jesus — and up you go.

What you do and think about yourself as you ascend will be delightful, or sad, or terrifying — depending. Delightful, insofar as you celebrate your free ride. Sad, insofar as you fight the escalator. Terrifying, insofar as you forget you’re on it and go back to dwelling on your inability to walk. But while all of that will matter to you, none of it will count against you. You’re on your way. All you have to do is believe it, and even the sadness and the terror become part of the ride.

Robert Farrar Capon

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